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Minimally invasive facelift

Your body, Your confidence, Your choice

Hello and welcome to Vanity Clinic where Dr Andy Huynh offers you the most effective and safe cosmetic treatments in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. From wrinkle reducing injections to mini facelift, breastlift and many more.We are one of the finest skin clinics Manchester has to offer and offer real results.

Dr. Huynh is one of a few certified provider of lifting threads by Aptos Global, a company pioneering thread lifting technology. Their PCL theads can last twice longer than the PDO threads that most clinics are using. Dr Huynh has also trained with some of the best world-leading doctors including Dr Marion Gluck – a pioneer in Hormone Replacement treatments as well as, Dr Sherif Wakil who is an award-winning leader in the O-Shot/P-Shot world and works in the famous Harley Street, London.


Taking care of your health

Face lift with threads

Lifting and contouring your face with surgical threads in a lunch time procedure. Dr Huynh is one of a few doctors in UK certified to use PCL threads, ensuring results last twice longer than PDO threads that most clinics are using.

Sexual Rejuvenation

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) rejuvenation is one of the most talked about new treatments in cosmetic medicine and Dr Huynh is leading the way in its use for sexual rejuvenation with the P-Shot® and the O-Shot®

Bio-identical hormone

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy have been one of the most talked about new treatment to emerge in recent years, replacing female hormone deficiency without complications of the tradition HRT. 

Dr Huynh is one of the pioneers in UK using threads made of PCL for longer lasting results.



Facelift with PCL threads

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