Dull skin

When we are young, our skin sheds its cells every 30 days. However, as we get older this extends up to every 60 days. The natural decrease in cell turnover can cause a build-up of dead skin cells and a dull looking complexion.

Apart from the natural ageing process, other factors such as exposure to the sun and certain lifestyle choices can lead to tired, dull skin. In order to keep the skin bright and healthy, it is important to protect the skin from damage whilst also encouraging cell turnover.

At Vanity Clinic we offer a number of specialised treatments to help clear dull skin.


As oppose to over the counter cosmetics, which are by law not allowed to cause changes to your skin, cosmeceuticals are products that use natural ingredients at high doses and have been clinically proven to change your skin and require a prescription for each individual.

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Prescription facials

Being pampered by our therapist using natural ingredients at high doses in a combination prescribed individually for you. Now you can enjoy your relaxing facial while benefiting from clinically proven products.

Chemical peels

The treatment involves applying a non toxic chemical to the skin to encourage cell turnover and the exfoliation process. As dead skin cells are removed, skin appears clearer and more radiant.  You can choose from a light peel for healthier skin at no downtime, to a deep peel for a radical change of your skin condition.

Vampire Facial

Your blood contains a lot of growth factors for the healing and rejuvenating process. Vampire facial is a procedure that draws you blood to extract these growth factors, then injects these growth factors back on your facial skin. These growth factors will then put the cells on your facial skin in regenerating mode, creating more collagen and more new born healthy cells.

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