1 ml Dermal Filler for only £115.

1 ml of dermal filler for lips.


  • 1ml of normal hyaluronic filler for £115 (50% off), lasts 6-9 months

  • 1ml of branded hyaluronic filler for £145 (55% off), lasts 9-12 months 


Why choose us?

  • Comfort: lip filler treatment is an uncomfortable treatment. However, Dr Huynh has developved specialised injection technique for lips, in combination with local anaesthesia, ensuring the lip filler treatment you have with Dr Huynh will be as easy as a walk in the park.

  • Safety: As a non surgical face lift specialist, Dr. Huynh fully understands the anatomy of your lips. Bound by professional duties of a doctor, the consultation you have will be about your best interests, not about making the sale.

  • Cost: we offer several brands of filler to suit your budget. All our fillers have CE mark and insurance cover.

  • Aesthetics: Dr. Huynh's advanced techniques allow him to sculpt and tweak your lips for best results without discomfort.

  • Price guarantee: bring a quote from another high street provider, we will beat that by 5%.

The day of your treatment. 

  • You will have a free non obligatory consultation with Dr Huynh. A 3D model of your face lips will be simulated on computer so that you know what your final results look like

  • You will then be offered a numbing cream.

  • After 30 minutes, injection is carried out by Dr. Huynh with a very fine needle.

  • Once the procedure is completed, you should be fine to go about your
    normal activities with some after care advice to follow.

Before & after photos

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